Welcome to DREAM Big Vegas!

Thank you for visiting our site and being interested in being part of this movement.

Its been 10 years since the DREAM act was once introduced. We’ve seen it fail multiple times in congress and it is time that we make it a reality. It is time that we unite as one and send a loud message to Washington telling our President, Senators, and Representatives that we are not giving up and we will fight for the DREAM act until it becomes a reality.

Together we will bring our message to every community in Las Vegas, engaging our parents and allies in the discussion of what we need to do to make this happen.

We are answering the call of our President to build a movement so big it can’t be stopped but we can’t do it alone, will you join us?

“I need you to keep building a movement for change outside of Washington. One that they can’t stop. One greater than this community, that bridges party lines, that unites business and labor, faith and law enforcement, and all who know America can’t continue operating with a broken immigration system. And I promise you I will keep up this fight…”  President Obama

For more information please email: info@dreambigvegas.org

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