Sen. Marco Rubio, Why Won’t You Support Us?

Stop appeasing the anti-immigrant tea party, support the DREAM Act and stand with our community.

In an interview with National Spanish language television as a U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio (R-FL) said he opposed the DREAM Act because it creates the opportunity for “Chain Migration.” But documents recently revealed by St. Petersburg Times, show that Senator Rubio himself is a product of “Chain Migration.”

Senator Rubio has admitted that his family came here seeking better economic opportunities. He has a lot in common with members of our community, whether he wants to admit it or not. So we ask: Senator Rubio, why won’t you stand with us, the DREAMERs?  Since stepping into his current role, Senator Rubio has been more concerned with appeasing the ant-immigrant Tea Party than serving the needs of our community. He made it clear to right wing news outlets that his family’s experience was not the “immigrant experience.” But now we know it was. He now opposes the DREAM Act —even though he supported it once, before he discovered the Tea Party. He uses harsh right wing rhetoric focusing on “border enforcement only” policies and dubs any type of immigration reform as “amnesty.” He decided to deny others of the opportunities his family had, and chose instead Tea Party dogma.

With the latest revelations, which make clear Senator Rubio benefitted from the “chain migration” policies he now conveniently opposes, we ask that he re-consider his position on the DREAM Act. We ask him to support other young people who share similar stories, desires and dreams as his parents once did. Our parents also brought us to the United States escaping the harsh situations in our home countries. They have also worked arduously hoping to someday achieve the American Dream.

Senator Rubio, we ask you to support for others the same opportunities you were afforded. Our community is watching, our community is waiting for action.

For questions please contact Juan Ortega, President DREAM Big Vegas, 702.546.9328


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